Assessment, Sizing, Re-engineering and automation outlining for the Business Processes of Public Service entities at the Ministry of Tourism (MoT)

This project was conducted in collaboration between HP (Hewlett and Packard) and Megacom as a first step of total streamlining and automation of the ministry’s service delivery processes.
The objectives of this project were to collect high-level data/information regarding the current Organization, Functions, Government to Business (G2B) Services and Processes of the Ministry of Tourism (MoT), Assessment and analysis of said scope and sizing of the business processes to be re-engineered. Based on the sizing, the experts would then model and document the re-engineered business processes (recommended “to be”).
The project also included a high-level outlining of the automation for the re-engineered processes with identification of the automation requirements in terms of IT infrastructure and tools. The outcome of this outline was the development of a Request for Proposal Document with the technical specifications of the required software, hardware and communication.