MegaHR v2.0

MegaHR v2.0, HR/Payroll System

In 2019, Megacom IT&SW division published the MegaHR system in two editions; Governmental and Public Sector.

The system is based on Web technology, as it allows recording and maintaining Human Resources information for different types of enterprises; Trade, Industrial and Hospitality. As well, the system is capable of storing and maintaining Personnel Management data and functions for both governmental entities (subject to Public service law 81/2016) as well as Private Sector (subject to labor law 12/2003).

It is worth stating that the system is designed to integrate with financial systems, where it issues automatic accounting journals for any occurring disbursements.

The governmental edition of MegaHR is fully synchronized with the EGRP system designed and deployed by Megacom, where all the data pertaining to Employees and their payments are synchronized with Dynamics AX in general and with EGRP vertical in order to automatically issue official Form 132.

The system entails the following modules:

  • Employee Profiles
  • Job Balance
  • Personnel Functions
  • Attendance Management
  • Vacations, Missions and Permissions
  • Payroll Management
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Recruitment and Skills
  • Training
  • Other Features
  • Web Technology
  • Self Service
  • Dashboard (Employee/Manager)
  • Workflow Management
  • Printing (Predesigned and Customized)
  • Auto-Alerts and eMail Notifications
  • Parameters and Setups
  • Access Privileges

Privileges of the System

  • The system is designed to comply with current (and future) law and regulations (civil service and private sector) in addition to all the standard functions of International HR management systems
  • The system is compliant with enacted stipulations from older laws, while applying the rules of current laws. The system is designed to apply future adjustment with minimum efforts.
  • The system enables the entities to apply the regulations of both Civil Service Law in parallel with the Labor low, permitting entities that have the two systems to benefit from applying one software to satisfy both systems in the same time.
  • The system has all pre-designed templates and reports stipulated by enacted laws, while permitting addition of new customized templates and/or reports.
  • All the reports of the system may be printed directly or exported to PDF, Excel or other formats if the user wishes.