Our Service

Our Services

Megacom was established by mid-1997 as a shareholding company to provide Management Consultation services as well as IT and Software Development.

Megacom Consultation

Through the past years of activities, Megacom has successfully fulfilled numerous assignments for companies and organizations of different sizes and in different industries. It has conducted more than 400 consultation projects utilizing 300 Egyptian consultants of top caliber in addition to 70 of the best-experienced European consultants.

Megacom is providing its services in many disciplines, which could be listed as follows:

  • National and Sectoral Projects and Studies
  • Business Processes Management
  • Organizational Development and Human Capital

Business Management Systems

Megacom IT and SW Development

In-spite of the efforts exerted by the government in order to promote computerization in all its activities, in most governmental entities, financial and administrative activities are manual and paper-based.

The Budget, Procurement, Inventory and Accounting departments are all working manually. In the same manner, the Personnel departments (now Human Resources Departments) are executing all administrative, personnel and payroll duties manually. This is consuming time and effort from all the workers. In addition to that, the employees spend double the effort due to human errors in calculations and/or in feeding the data already entered in official forms again into accounting books.