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Egyptian CabinetGuidelines for Industrial Land Allocation
The Government of Egypt established a coordinating council to analyse and identify impediments to develop industrial zones in Egypt and to develop necessary strategies to overcome them, and to review current processes for utilities and allocation of industrial lands.
Within this context, the current project aimed to explore the opinions of different stakeholders about streamlining the currently applied processes for the following:
·         Industrial Land allocation
·         Pricing models
·         Automation and Transparency
·         Strategy and Industrial map
·         Industrial zones management
International Finance CorporationDealing with Non-Industrial Operating Licenses, Qena and Sohag
This assignment focused on improving the non-industrial operating licensing process in Qena and Sohag, through redesigning a simplified, and streamlined operating licenses process, so that to reduce number of step, and time taken by the investor to get an operating license
Industrial Development Authority IDAMapping and Re-Engineering Land Allocation and Licensing Processes
The objective of this assignment is to “Review all the business processes in the Industrial Development Authority”, recommend and apply streamlined reforms to said processes.” The final objective is to create a more streamlined, accessible and transparent business environment to attract and encourage domestic, regional and foreign investments.
World Bank GroupThe Review of Existing Government Led ICT Education/Training Programs To review the structure of existing MCIT/ITIDA led ICT (ITO/BPO) educational programs within universities in light of the ICT National Competence framework (ICT-NCF), and best international practices, and recommend improvements, and to recommend practical Solutions and mechanism for the continues improvement of the assessed education/training programs
Industrial Modernisation CentreInstitutional Development for Printing and Packaging Exports The objective of this project is to study and assess the feasibility of establishing an export council for the Printing and Packaging Sector, which was one of the recommendations included in the previous study “Printing and Packaging Development Strategy”. The council will support the sector through market studies and researches aiming to increase size and value of exports, and to design and implement special programs for this purpose, as well as acting as a representative of the exporters from this sector.
World Bank GroupInvestment Policy Analysis for Egypt ICT Sector The objectives of the assignment were to Identify the Current Profile of the ICT Sector in Egypt and to conduct an Investor Survey, which is expected to cover current FDI in the ICT Sector, and the Investment Profile.
Electronics Research Center Ministry of International Cooperation Egyptian Ambulance Organization National Authority for TunnelsDeployment of Megacom GRP Vertical For each entity, Megacom technical team conducted a gap analysis in order to identify special differences between the work processes at the entity and the Vertical Standards. Based on the gaps identified, the team designed the additional customization to the vertical and then deployed the full system at the entity. The function consultants delivered training to users to introduce them to the system, and supported them during the pilot phase. Upon finalization of the Pilot phase each entity would “Go-Live”, meaning that the employees start entering real-time, day-by-day data into the system and issue the required forms and reports.
World Bank GroupIntegrating Informal Sector within the Formal Economy in Egypt The objective of the study is to identify needs of the informal sector and provide recommendations on how to overcome the difficulties hindering the improvement of their performance and hence to encourage them to transform to formal economy. This objective should be achieved through interviews and focus groups from selected sectors.
Ministry of Industry and Trade & Chambers of Leather Tanning and Leather IndustryUpdate the Strategy for Developing the Leather Sector in Egypt Review earlier studies, update the baseline for local and international performance of the sector, conduct a SWOT analysis, and develop an updated strategy for developing the sector in Egypt.
Ministry of Industry and Trade & Chamber of PrintingUpdate the Strategy for Developing the Printing and Packaging Sector in Egypt Review earlier studies, update the baseline for local and international performance of the sector, conduct a SWOT analysis, and develop an updated strategy for developing the sector in Egypt.
Private Sector Development Program (PSDP) – GIZBaseline Survey for Green Business Services for SMEs in Egypt the Egyptian-German Private Sector Development Programme (PSDP) initiated a project to survey 3000 industrial enterprises in 8 industrial cities in Egypt and 22 cities
ICT Trust FundMarket Demand and Training Needs Assessment Conduct a study to identify ICT companies of different sizes in order to identify their employment demand (Market Demand Study). Based on the needed jobs, the study should identify main competencies and the training courses/programs that satisfy these competencies.
ICT Trust FundSocial Entrepreneurship Skills Training Program The Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program (YSEP) of the ICT-Trust Fund (ICT-TF) launched a contest (طموح) in 2012 for young entrepreneurs to apply with their social projects. The contest was concluded and results were published in October 2012. Winning projects were awarded a training course on the necessary “Social Entrepreneurship Skills”.
Social Fund for DevelopmentImprove procedures adopted by SFD OSSs to facilitate SMEs license issuance process This assignment had two objectives; To improve the procedures of license issuance in the SFD One-Stop-Shops (OSSs) and To produce an Revised version of the Standard Operation Procedures Manual (SOP) used by Social Fund for Development (SFD) in the HQ and regional OSSs.
Social Fund for DevelopmentA Study to Evasluate the Direct Lending Model at the SFD
Business Development Support Services Project (BDSSP)Evaluate currently active One-Stop-Shops evolved in issuing operation licenses for newly established enterprises and develop a unified model for one stop shop
Health Insurance OrganizationOrganizational Development of HIO Organizational Restructuring and Employees evaluation Mapping and Reengineering Service Delivery Processes
Social Fund for DevelopmentStudy and evaluation of the Credit Centers of the Social Fund for Development
Ministry of Industry and Trade & Chamber of Leather IndustriesConduct a Feasibility Study to Relocate 1000 small leather production workshops
Ministry of Industry and TradeA Study for Industrial Development Strategy at the Monoufeya Governorate
General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI)Developing the Balanced Scorecards for GAFI Conduct Strategic Management Workshops Develop the Corporate and the Departments Strategy Maps Develop the Strategic initiatives for GAFI and define the Key Performance Indicators Finalize the Corporate and Departmental Balanced Scorecards
Ministry of State for Administrative DevelopmentOrganizational Development of the Suez Governorate HQ and related entities.
Social Fund for Development/ General Authority for Governmental ServicesConducting a Study on the governmental procurement and how to increase the share of M/SMEs of this procurement.
General Authority for Investment and Free Zones GAFIDocumentation of the current status and developing recommendations for re-engineering the internal processes of the Authority that are related to service delivery
Industrial Development Authority IDADocumentation of the current status and developing recommendations for re-engineering the internal processes of the Authority
Egyptian Mineral Resources AuthorityRe-engineering of the Administrative Registration processes for the Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority
Yemeni Mineral Resources AuthorityRe-engineering of the Administrative Registration processes for the Yemeni Mineral Resources Authority
Egyptian Mineral Resources AuthorityDocumentation of the current status relating Administrative Registration processes for the Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority
Ministry of FinanceUpdating the Study on Streamlining Laws and Regulations governing the Establishment, Operation, Export and Exit of SMEs in Egypt
Ministry of FinanceStudy on Environment as an Aspect of M/SME Policy Development in Egypt The specific objective of this project was to conduct a comprehensive study to assess the current status in Egypt in relation to M/SMEs environmental practices, and to identify necessary policies to be developed and/or reinforced in order to encourage and support M/SMEs in adopting practices that are more compliant to environmental standards.
Ministry of HealthBusiness Processes Re-engineering for the Pharmaceutical registration procedures
Ministry of Social SolidarityOrganizational Development and Processes Mapping Conduct a complete assessment and field analysis for the organization and service delivery in 3 governorates (1 Urban; 1 Rural and 1 Remote). Conduct a customer/ stakeholder analysis concerning the service delivery mechanism Develop service-delivery process maps and workflows (As-Is) Develop the new service delivery processes and process maps that will reflect being service and customer oriented. Develop the new organization structure for the delivery of different Social Solidarity services. Develop the job descriptions associated with the new organization structure Develop the final organizational structure, job descriptions and processes for the service delivery organization.
Ministry of FinanceStudy on Applying Regulatory Impact Analysis The specific objective of this project was to conduct a comprehensive study that examines measures through which the “Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA)” could be introduced and incorporated within the Egyptian regulatory environment.
Ministry of Investment (MoI)Designing the Outline for Automation of the Alexandria Business One Stop Shop The project targets automating the new companies registration process at GAFI OSS in Alexandria
Ministry of Tourism (MoT)Business Processes Re-Engineering and Automation Outline Collect high-level data/information regarding the current Organization, Function, Government to Business (G2B) Services and Processes of MoT, Assessment and analysis of said scope and sizing of the business process to be re-engineered. Based on the sizing, the experts would then model and document the re-engineered business processes (recommended to-be). Assess the IT infrastructure and develop an automation outline and implementation plan.
Ministry of Finance (MoF)Develop a Patent Tax system targeting the Micro and Small Enterprises in Egypt. The project entailed applying the suggested system on sample establishments located in small cities.
Ministry of Finance (MoF)Analyse the current framework governing the taxation of M/SMEs in Egypt. Develop a comprehensive tax system for Small and Micro Enterprises in Egypt
Ministry of Finance (MoF)Research Study on Streamlining the Egyptian Laws, Regulations and Procedures for Property registration. Analysis of the Business Processes applied in property registration and recommendation of re-engineering solutions
Ministry of Foreign Trade (MoFT)Research Study on Streamlining the Egyptian Laws, Regulations and Procedures Governing SMEs Establishment, Growth, Export and Exit Analysis of the business processes applied on establishment, growth, export and exit of SMEs and recommendations for re-engineering solutions.
Ministry of Foreign Trade (MoFT)Strategic Evaluation of the Commodity Councils: Review the Current Status Survey International Experience Recommend alternatives for service portfolios Conduct Focus Groups Sessions Recommend improvements and service portfolios for the commodity councils. Develop the implementation action plans
Chamber for Printing IndustriesInstitutional Development Analysis and Re-engineering the business processes of the IT department Analysing and documenting the current business processes of the chamber and Developing the Policies and Procedures Manual

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