Company Brief

Megacom, Committed to Excellence

Megacom was established by mid-1997 as a shareholding company to provide consultation services. From the very beginning, Megacom has committed itself to “Excellence” in providing its services. In a world of rapid changes, only the best-organized companies would prevail. As the need for change grows more and more every day, the need for high calibre expertise grows in the same manner. Megacom has engaged the activities of highly qualified professionals who possess proven long track of experience in each field it provides consultation for.

Through the past years of activities, Megacom has successfully fulfilled numerous assignments for companies and organizations of different sizes and in different industries. It has conducted more than 350 consultation projects utilizing 200 Egyptian consultants of top calibre in addition to 70 of the best-experienced European consultants.

Our Vision and Mission

In Megacom, our vision is “To be the first choice in providing consultation and training services for public authorities and private sector enterprises.” To achieve this vision, we made it our mission to “provide our clients with the optimum solution to their needs, utilizing a pool of highly qualified experts, and equip them with the necessary tools to take ownership of the improvements, so that the improved processes become A way of life rather than merely A way of doing the job”.

Our Scope of Services

Megacom is providing its services in many disciplines, which could be listed as follows:

  • Megacom Governmental Resources Planning (GRP) Vertical
  • IT Consultations and Business Processes Management
  • Process Mapping and Re-engineering
  • Automation Plans and Implementation
  • ERP Consultation
  • Business Management Systems
  • Strategic Planning and Management Systems
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
  • Balanced Scorecards
  • Marketing, Sales and Export Development
  • National and Sectoral Projects and Studies
  • Organizational Development and Human Capital
  • Organizational Development
  • Human Resources Management Systems
  • Assessment Centers
  • Psychometric Tests
  • Quality Systems and Lean Manufacturing
  • Production Systems & Industry Specialists
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Six Sigma

Our Teams

The services of each discipline are delivered by a team of highly qualified experts. Each of these teams is headed by a senior consultant how enjoys long track record of successful consultation projects. Megacom stipulates a certain level of calibre for its associated and project based consultants:

  • Theoretical and Practical Experience: all our experts enjoy both the theoretical and practical experience, as we believe that any associate of Megacom MUST have both wings.
  • International Best Practices: most of our consultants had a career with international/ multinational companies. This experience provided them with a profound and practical experience of the best practices in each discipline.

The following sections discuss different disciplines in Megacom and the detailed scope of services each of them is providing.

National and Sectoral Projects and Studies

During the past years of operations, Megacom designed, conducted and delivered several successful projects and studies on the national level. Those studies and projects targeted policy reforms/development in different areas of development in Egypt.

Megacom conducted these studies and projects for several governmental entities (e.g. Ministry of State for Administration Development, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Finance, …) as well as international development agencies (e.g. Canadian International Development Agency, Japan Official Development Assistance, United Nations Development Program, …)

Such national projects and studies differ in term, for long term studies and project, Megacom is quite experienced in developing and managing “Project Management Office/ Unit”. This would involve setting the administrative policies and procedures, selecting and qualifying the personnel, monitoring and evaluating the PMU performance.

In terms of scoping and conducting projects and studies on the national level, Megacom either commit to the identified scope or collaborate with the beneficiary entity in developing the study scope, utilizing its proven methodology, which is presented later in this document. It is worth stating that Megacom base its recommendations not only on the vast and profound experiences of its team members, but also on the outcomes of comparative studies for internationally recognized best practices and how to localize them to the Egyptian context.