Business Processes Mapping and Re-engineering Recommendations for the Administrative registration procedures (EMRA)


Business Processes Mapping and Re-engineering Recommendations for the Administrative registration procedures (EMRA)

The current mining policy framework leaves Egypt in a less favorable position versus other mining countries, and administrative practices to obtain licenses, permits, and approvals are complex and lack standardization. Attracting major mining companies requires an overall framework, with clear definitions of what private investors can do, what the operating conditions are, and what the requirements are for establishing operations.

Managed by PEP-MENA, IFC’s technical assistance facility in the Middle East and North Africa, the Mining Policy Reform in Egypt project helped review and reform Egypt’s mining laws, regulations, and fiscal regime. The project team also aimed at mapping and redesigning the sector’s administrative procedures, developing a National Mining Policy, and reviewing Egypt’s Minerals Resources Board. The one-year project followed a workshop organized by PEP-MENA in collaboration with IFC’s Oil, Gas, Mining, and Chemicals Department in December 2005. The workshop displayed international best practices in mining, and brought together key stakeholders in the industry to discuss the matter.

The Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority EMRA is entrusted through the department of licensing and inspection for the issuance of exploration licenses and exploitation contracts and their renewals. The department is also entrusted with some other services related to the exploration and exploitation.

Based on the information resulting from the initial fact-findings efforts in the Review and Reform of Egypt’s Mining Laws, Regulations and Fiscal Regime, IFC would assist in drafting a National Mining Policy and Strategy, and would review the mandate, functions and structure of Egypt’s Mineral Resource Board with the aim of strengthening the agency’s ability to effectively promote and attract investments.

The project tackles four components of the overall mining regulatory framework: (A) Legal and Policy Framework (B) Fiscal Framework, (C) Administrative Procedures, (D) Institutional Review of EMRA.

All four components undergone three distinct phases of activities:

Phase 1 to review and assess the existing legal and fiscal framework and at the same time map administrative procedures and evaluate administrative processes (this phase is completed). Phase 2 to reform the legal and fiscal framework and re-engineer the administrative processes (this phase is in process). In Phase 3, the new legal/fiscal framework and new administrative processes will be implemented. Component (C) follows the same approach. In Phase 1, the existing National Mining Policy and the institutional structure of EMRA was reviewed and assessed. Phase 2 will reform the national mining policy and EMRA. In Phase 3, a new institutional structure for EMRA will be implemented and the new National Mining Policy promoted.