Assess, Recommend, Implement and Institutionalize (ARII)

  • ١Assess: a comprehensive and thorough assessment and benchmarking exercise
  • Recommend: based on the assessment report, we move to the recommendation phase
  • Implement: Developing the action plan with specific tasks, timelines and targets, and
    measuring the impact and fine tuning the plan.
  • Institutionalize: This is an ongoing process to build the capacity of the enterprise so that it would take the ownership of the improvement.


As it is shown in the figure above, Megacom methodology in practice could be described as follows:

  • Assess;

This is the process of identifying the current status in terms of the performance of the enterprise in light of its strategic objectives and capabilities. Identify the current status is achieved through several tasks:

  • Documents Review; where all the available literature is collected and reviewed, especially the strategic plan if available.
  • Field Study; filed study targets achieving two main outcomes, which are collecting the public feedback, and validating the results of the documents review. Field study is conducted utilizing three main tools, which are Personal Interviews, Focus Groups and Field Surveys.
  • International Experience Study; where the performance of similar enterprises in different countries is studied, and different drivers are analysed in order to present a comprehensive picture of developed and developing countries are performed
  • International Comparison and Benchmarking; to formulate the outcomes of the international experience in comparison tables, benchmarking the performance and achievements of the local enterprise with those in other countries. This would lead to establishing a baseline to understand the current gap and pave the path for recommendations to bridge the identified pap.
  • Recommend

Based on the assessment report, we move to the recommendation phase, where we present actionable and measureable recommendations based on the lessons learned from international experience. It is worth mentioning that our experts knowledge form a valuable source for recommendations to be integrated with the local context.

  • Implement

Action plans are developed on the basis of agreed recommendations and strategies. The actions are stated and complemented with roles, owners, timeframes and expected outcomes. In addition, Key Performance Indicators are defined for each task in order to measure the progress and degree of success in delivering the said task.

An impact assessment study is conducted to ensure that defined tasks are on the right track and to provide a fine tune to the action plan.

  • Institutionalize

Megacom believes that the improvements should be a product of the client enterprise. Thus, we make sure that everyone in the targeted area is involved in all the phases of the work, starting with Assessment through Implementation. Institutionalisation means that the Ownership of the improvement becomes of the client, and the improved processes become a “Way of Life” rather than just a “Way of doing the Job”.

We depend on the concepts of “Continuous Process Improvement” methodology. We believe that the responsibility for change should be shared both on the level of management as well as the level of employees.

To ensure the desired institutionalization, we assign a coordinator for each project to provide “real-time” progress reports to the management of the company as well as to Megacom. In the meantime, the project coordinator would ensure that the management fully appreciate the impact of their efforts on the overall performance of the team.